Murder In Progress

May 18, 2007

An owl got too close to the nest of a crow in our neighborhood; the crow raised an alarm, and soon more than 40 others came to its aid. Eventually, the owl was driven off in a spectacular chase, but not until long after I stopped filming, sadly.



  1. Took me a few minutes to remember that a group of crows is called a “murder.”

    And that is quite the cacophony of caws.

  2. crows are the devil’s minions- clearly a sign of the impending apocolypse. please arm yourself to the teeth and start shooting post haste.
    guidelines: In the United States it is legal to hunt crows in most states usually from around August to the end of March and anytime if they are causing a nuisance or health hazard. There is no bag limit when taken during the “crow hunting season.” “Crows may be taken outside the open season during hunting hours, in compliance with federal regulations, if these birds are causing a nuisance or creating a health hazard.”

  3. Brandon Lee was great in the Crow til he got Dead.

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