Validation at long sweet last

May 22, 2007

If you don’t count the founder or his twin henchmen, nor the thousands of helpful people who answer questions in AskMetafilter, nor any of the regulars who are all more beloved than I, then I am clearly the most important person at Metafilter.

Now sure, some of you will say, “imaginary bonus points on an internet message board don’t really matter in the real world,” but you people are the same folk who said that cars could never be powered by gravy, and who’s laughing now?

In the future, when there’s a regular award for “Most Interesting Person on the Internet”, I think that award should be called The Jonson. As in, “the winner of this year’s Jonson for Most Interesting Post involving LolCats is… “



  1. I totally thought you’d doctored that until I checked it myself. (It’s up to 2032 now, btw.)

    Maybe with a lot of hard work, I too can win a Jonson some day. *dares to dream*

  2. I totally agree, I AM awesome.

  3. Now I have to clean my vomit off my shoes.

  4. That kind of attitude will never win you a Jonson.

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