A lot of people make fun of me

May 30, 2007

when I tell them that Crowded House is my favorite band.  And I figure, that’s okay, because I make fun of a lot of other people for a whole bunch of reasons, and maybe there’s a physical law that governs the amount of taunting in the universe, and sends each of us back what we put out there.  But regardless, when my co-worker came by my desk the other day and said, “Hey, did you see that sissy band you like is playing at The Greek Theater in August?” it was the best news I’d heard since I talked those cops out of giving me a DUI.*  Tickets go on sale this Saturday, and while I’ll no doubt take some abuse from people for going to see a 1980’s one hit wonder pop act from New Zealand, I’m pretty sure at some point I did or said something to deserve it.

By the way, the best thing about my belief system (as pertains to hurtful taunting) is that no one is to blame; if I receive taunts for my musical taste, then surely I’ve done or said things to deserve the taunting.  And conversely, if I tease a closeted gay co-worker about how totally gay he is, only to find out later that he really was full on, “I am into penises” gay, well then surely he too did something to deserve the taunts he received.  Probably something gay, knowing him.

*Note: just kidding, honey – or AM I?


  1. Who’s ribbing you about Crowded House being a “sissy band?” The comment sounds like a vintage Nathan remark, with its good-natured yet biting satire, but knowing his excellent taste in music it couldn’t possibly be.

    And I take issue with the one-hit wonder pop act remark as well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just finished my jazzercise tape and since my Lilith Fair shirt is soaked I need to change and “freshen up.”

  2. It was Jerry, although I’m sure Nathan shares the same sentiment. He does have great taste in music, but at the same time he doesn’t like Wilco or Crowded House. It’s like saying “she does a lot of work for charity, but occasionally she likes to drown a bagfull of kittens in the river.” Crazy.

  3. Have you heard the 1987 Crowded House concert preserved at Wolfgang’s Vault? http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/ConcertDetail.aspx?id=20050039|1468

  4. Oh man, that’s awesome! No, I hadn’t heard that. Thanks very much, Joe!

  5. Finally, someone with a worse favorite band than mine. How many times have I been heard, “Hey John, your favorite band CHeap Trick is headlining at Bob Thomas Ford Sellathon this weekend” “You ought to see if they’ll play your birthday party”

  6. First off: Crowded House is AWESOME.

    Second: so is Cheap Trick.

    Third: jonson, you owe me an overpriced glass of wine at the Greek for finding out about the TRUE!FAN!INTERNET!PRE-SALE!!!! so that we could get our SECTION A seats ahead of the teeming masses.

    (Fourth: who is the patron saint of brilliant, underrated antipodean power pop?)

  7. St Finn.

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