links for 2007-06-15

June 15, 2007
  • A co-worker of mine, by all other accounts a completely normal guy, moved out of his expensive apartment four months ago & into this strip-mall travelodge-esque hotel. He has been living there ever since.

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EDIT: The missus has indicated that it appears as though I’m mocking a co-worker’s misfortune, as financial hard times have forced him to move into a hotel.  While it would absolutely be in character for me to mock the poor, this is not the case.  In fact, the luxurious Jolly Roger is MORE expensive than the expensive apartment my co-worker left.  So I’m not mocking his financial hardship.  I’m mocking his questionable decision making.



  1. Does he get maid service everyday? Where does he cook? Do laundry?

  2. BTW, it says between July 1st and August 31st they don’t offer weekly rates. Looks like his rent is about to go up.

  3. what’s the point of this blog?

  4. I visit Jonson to learn how to communicate with Guatemalans.

  5. I don’t think she meant “this blog” as a reference to the jonsonblog as a whole, but rather “this blog entry.” I guess the point of it was that when things go south on the home front, I’ll have bookmarked the URL of a decent home away from home until I’m allowed back in the house.

  6. And JK – Yes, maid service every day, just like on My Name Is Earl. Cooking – He doesn’t. Laundry – Public Laundromat right near by.

  7. Your scouting leaves no stone unturned. Hmmm… our last lunch wasn’t so you could scout out future companionship options, was it?

  8. If I lived in a hotel named the Jolly Roger I would actually lie and tell people that I lived on a pirate ship. No one mocks those who reside amongst illegal privateers.

  9. Missus~
    Just as long as he’s not mocking me, it’s all good.

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