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I’s gonna be RICH!!!

June 24, 2007

I got a 419 scam letter via the actual mail today, which is fucking crazy.  I can’t believe this would pay out based on return rate vs cost of postage/printing/etc. 

This one’s from Singapore, and the gist is, a wealthy patron WITH MY SAME FAMILY NAME has died and left no heirs.  The letter writer thinks he can get his hands on the money (he works for the bank handling the estate) provided I indulge in some fraud with him.  I come forth, claim to be the long lost heir, and give them a bank account to transfer the money to, and then he & I split the riches and go our separate ways.  Of course, once I give them my bank account routing info the only transferring that takes place is all of the money I have in the bank being transferred to an offshore account run by the scammer. 

Greedy idiots apparently still fall for this one all the time, but it’s usually conducted via email, and I’ve even received a few phone calls claiming I’ve won special grants from the government, etc, if I’ll just give my bank account info so they can send me the money, etc.  This is the first one I’ve heard of by direct bulk mail.  If this pays off, based on response rate and average sucker contribution, I’ll be amazed.  I do like that they didn’t even bother to customize the letter with my contact info anywhere, it’s just “dear sir.”  Apparently they’re clever enough to participate in international identity theft & bank fraud, but not clever enough to use the mail merge function in MS Word.

For the full text of the letter, click on the picture.

BTW, if there are any exceptionally gullible readers of the jonsonblog, I’ve left the scammer’s contact info in place.  While you don’t actually have the same last name as me, I’m pretty sure if you email the letter’s author, he’d be more than happy to find ANOTHER dead wealthy person with no heirs who happens to share whatever last name YOU have.