I will NOT lend any of you people $5

June 25, 2007

I don’t know who any of the names in this screencap refer to. I signed up for a Facebook account like three weeks ago (approximately six months after it absolutely 100% stopped being cool to have a Facebook account) and I haven’t gone back to the page since.  However, in the intervening weeks I’ve been periodically hit up for “Friend” status with a different stranger every few days. Who the hell are these people, and why did they randomly choose my blank user profile to try and befriend?  How lonely do you have to be to ask a random stranger on Facebook to be your friend?  It’s like dialing 310 and a random seven digit number just to chat.  “Hey, couldn’t help but notice we’re in the same area code… So, do you like Crowded House & Wilco?  Let’s be friends!!”

UPDATE: this article sums up my feelings about Facebook perfectly.



  1. I wonder if it’s due to your network that you’re associated with on Facebook. I don’t get any weird friend requests, but I’m only associated with school’s Facebook network.

  2. Yeah, I think you’re right: when I first joined, I clicked on a bunch of buttons. I think I accidentally “poked” some dude, whch was awkward. But then when the clicking was done, I joined the network of “people who live in L.A.” which is a pretty big network. But still, who the hell joins the network of “people who live in L.A.” and then just randomly starts friend requesting? That’s even MORE like just dialing a 7 digit number in your same area code. Geographic similarities do NOT automatically make us good friend material.

  3. Well, I like Crowded House and Wilco; I wanna be your friend, but I’m in the 949. Will this still work?

  4. Only if Kinsley vouches for you.

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