Amusing Tiny Verbal Typo

June 30, 2007

So, if you call the Century City Apple Store at 310 286-6820, which I did earlier today to see how crazy the lines were for the iPhone, and you press “1” to get their hours & directions, you get a recorded woman’s voice telling you the hours & address, where the Apple Store is in the mall, and then where the mall is in regards to L.A.  The specific line that the woman is supposed to read is “located in the heart of West Los Angeles”, but it seems like she can’t read the handwriting on her phone script, because she very distinctly says “located in the heat of West Los Angeles.”  And the best part is, her mis-reading has been on their recorded message for years.  She doesn’t realize she made the mistake, no one ever QC’d it, it’s like a little hidden verbal typo that will last until the store goes out of business or the geography of Los Angeles changes substantially.

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