I’m a precious little snowflake

July 2, 2007

Completely different from everyone else in every way… unless you count the fact that I bought an iPhone this weekend, like 3 million other Americans.  Man, so lame.  So far, it’s pretty rad, but my favorite thing about it might be the purchasing of it. While the majority of people who bought one camped out in the sun all day Friday for the 6:00 PM on-sale, risking skin cancer, bear attack & god knows what other dangers, I just wandered into an Apple Store the next morning & they had tons still left over.  There’s about four things I’m not totally happy with so far:

1) No ability to add custom ring tones via a free service like mobile17 – my old RAZR could do it, so could most semi-modern phones
2) No ability to record notes to oneself, rather than type in a note. At least, not that I’ve found.  Although, normally the notes I was leaving myself were reminders to look shit up on the web later.  Like, I’d be out in public & see a URL and record a note to check out that URL later on, but now I can’t record the note, but I CAN just look up the URL on the spot.
3) No ability to dial by voice. Again, all three of these things are things I used to do on a much less sophisticated machine.
4) “YouTube” support is actually just a greatest hits of YouTube, customized for the iPhone. You can’t actually just go out and browse YouTube’s content, or even see your own saved favorites or uploaded videos. Watching videos directly from YouTube.com is actually impossible, thanks to the lack of Flash support, which renders Metafilter 33% less useful.

In general, though, it’s pretty damn cool.  The headphone jack thing is a little weird; it’s double recessed, so regular line-in jacks don’t work, only the apple earbuds.  They sell adaptors, but the whole point of the iPhone was to carry LESS crap around.



  1. Did you just call it “rad?”


  2. According to Kottke you should just shave off the plastic around the input on your favorite ear phones to make the input longer.


  3. 1. It’s GOTTA be coming, don’t you think? Surely!
    2. I even tried plugging in my external mic for the iPod and got a big ol’ “this device is not supported.” Bah!
    3. This doesn’t bother me too much. My stupid phone never recognized what I was saying – even when I tried to say it exactly the way it had been recorded. Well, it worked when I called my husband who insisted his voice recording be “hard c-ck” so everything I wanted it, I’d say it, and he’d answer the call. *eye roll*
    4. It’s not the same thing, but you can at least SEARCH YouTube so if you know what you’re looking for. And then it does have the related links bit. And then when you get to the ones you like you can bookmark them in the iPhone. So it doesn’t carry over the ones from your account, but you can recreate your favorites there. By default you can find featured, most viewed, most recent and top rated. But I did a search on “lions buffalo battle crocodile” and found Battle at Kruger. And on “tony paul” and found Tony vs. Paul. it’s not all bad.

    I hate the headset. It hurts my ears. And I don’t want to use my own because I want the mic. And if I use bluetooth for the mic, then I have to listen to the music from the built-in speakers. Yuck.

    But I have to agree, it’s pretty damn cool. *I* did stand in line. Didn’t have to camp out but did spend the better part of the day in line.

  4. For an alternate view….


  5. Anna, you waited in line? In the Sun?? With BEARS?!?!? With regard to the YouTube thing, it’s about 25% of the total world of YouTube content that’s out there. How they determined what made the cut & what didn’t is a mystery. I searched for Leo Kottke to see if I could find the video posted a couple down from this one, and while you get three pages of links on YouTube.com, you only find a couple videos on the iPhone YouTube, and even then, they were unrelated but just mentioned Kottke in the tags. I agree, it’s not all bad, but the #1 benefit for me of YouTube is the ridiculous vastness of content, so to have it all whittled down is a shame.

  6. See I have just duck taped my Digital Camera, PSP, and cell phone together and I didn’t have to fend off any bears!

    I got the idea from Flight of the Conchords.

    “I’m the Mutha Flipper!”

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