Countdown to the head shaving

July 5, 2007

In the lifelong battle between me & the hair on my head, I’ve been threatening to use the nuclear option for many years, but I think today’s the day I finally do it.  The twin demons that have restrained me in the past are 1) fear that I will look like a neo-nazi, and 2) self-consciousness about my uniquely shaped noggin.  I’ve come VERY close on occasion, but at the last minute, the barber, sensing my trepidation has left just enough hair to qualify as a scalp covering.  Well no more, do you hear me?!?  This is the day.  Perhaps I’m drunk on the false bravado of knowing that the feds didn’t come get me for the prior post, or perhaps this is all just bluster & I will chicken out yet again, but as of this moment, the intention is to get the full monty.  Say goodbye, rich, lustrous & cowlick ridden locks, these are your final hours haunting my glorious mis-shapen skull!!!



  1. The feds are just waiting for this. The perp-walk looks so much better when its a skinhead in cuffs.

  2. Dude, you have hair. Don’t complain. Besides, we’ll look reeeeally gay going out to lunch with my kids if you’re totally clean shaven. Then again, nobody in the cafeteria at Folsom will really think twice about it since I’m sure they’ve all got a little cell mate-on-cell mate action going on the side.

  3. Seriously, Mr Kinsley, I may have to re-think our next lunch “date” if I look TOO gay with the new hairstyle.

  4. That’s ok, we can just go for a mani/pedi instead.

  5. I’m only a few years behind you. I’m down to a #2 on the clippers, and in 2 or 3 years, I’m probably going to be at bare skin.

    My grandfather was bald by 30, and I’ll probably end up beating him by a year or so. Curse you, maternal grandfather provided genetics!

  6. I am not getting my hair cut or going out to lunch with either of you, now…

    I have a few years on you, and I still only find the odd age-bleached strand.

    If I am going to go for a gay lunch, you are going to have to look good. 😉

  7. I’m going for a new Donald Trump sweep everything around. No one really notices, right?

    That or I’m going to grow my eyebrows real long and slick them over my forhead.

  8. Dude, I am NOT going to the exclusive Crowded House extravaganza at the Troubadour with a skinhead. Crop the hair, but don’t shave it! (Another friend of mine did the ill-advised headshave last month, and the results were not pretty. Heed his cueball example!)

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