Look not upon me for I am a beast

July 5, 2007

So, I stopped JUST short of completely shaving my head, because I’m a total pussy, and thank God I did.  I won’t torture you with a photograph of the results, but this is a picture of my new silhouette.  Notice the oddly conical shape of the dome, the weird pointy top.  Let’s just say it’s too bad they already remade this movie, I would have been a shoe-in. 

So.  I don’t like my hair when it grows in, and I don’t like my head without any hair on it.  Dilemma.

However, the comments in the previous post make me worry that there is a misunderstanding; I’m not actually doing this to disguise onset baldness.  I, like my dad & both grandfathers, have a thick & unfashionably styled head of hair, albeit in my case, it sits atop a mount rushmore sized forehead that I’ve had since my youth.

On the plus side, I don’t look like a skinhead, as there is still a thick albeit very, very short fuzzy layer of hair on my head.  If G.I. Joe made a plus-size figure for interpid donut eating missions, I could totally be the model for that figure now.



  1. A guy I used to work with used to drive out to Ariz. every year for SF Giants’ spring training, where he would get pretty much the same ‘do you just got. That would be his one haircut for the year. I’m thinking now’s the time for some sort of cool time-lapse photo montage – take a picture of yourself everyday for a year and don’t get a haircut. With a project of that magnitude going on on the side, the Feds will assume that you’re too busy to shoot anyone of importance.

    That and you’re a pansy-ass liberal* who doesn’t own a gun.

    *That’s pretty much a good thing.

  2. I saw the silhouette, my first thought, no shit, was The Hills Have Eyes…LOL.

    I can speak no more on this for fear of private and/or public retaliation. 🙂

  3. “…the Feds will assume that you’re too busy to shoot anyone of importance.”

    But you’ll have plenty of time to shoot unimportant people. Makes me glad we have a continent between us.

  4. Neil Finn is totally going to point and laugh and say, “so who’s the skinhead that came to our show, then?” in that cute kiwi accent of his.

  5. Dear god, what have you done? What’s next, skinning hookers and accounts payabling?

  6. About that lunch…how about I meet you someplace very public?

  7. Quite a change from your look at Park Place.

    Pete Young
    former flatmate

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