Things That Are Awesome That I Did Today

July 15, 2007

1) Dinner @ The Boiling Crab.  This was amazingly good, fun & cheap.  Tons of Alaskan King Crab legs, tossed in a big clear plastic bag with lemon pepper, garlic butter & a bunch of cajun spices & seasonings & then boiled & served unceremoniously at your table.  No silverware, no plates, paper towels & butchers paper tablecloths only.  Incredibly delicious.

2) Seeing the new Harry Potter movie at the last remaining drive-in theater in Southern California. Amazingly enough, at 35, I had never been to a drive in theater. I blame my university professor parents, who wasted my youth on years spent in Oxford rather than valuable experiences like drive in theaters & learning to throw a baseball.  Nice going eggheads, but it looks like the last laugh is mine!  Not only did I get to go to a drive in, which was a lot of fun, but I used my egghead upbringing to recognize the scenes filmed in Oxford.  Advantage: jonson!!

I take a lot of crap for this, from people who just don’t know better, but Los Angeles is a fucking great city, with tons of interesting little things, and any day I get to see a new part of it or do a fun thing I’ve not done here yet is a good day.



  1. Ah! the drive-in. When I was little, my parents would pile me and my three brothers and sisters into the station wagon and go to the drive-in. Not only did we get to listen to the soundtrack through that Hi-fidelity speaker (everyone sounded like the teachers in a Peanuts cartoon), we also got to enjoy the lovely carcinogenic aroma wafting from the mosquito coil dad would burn on the dashboard (which the mosquitoes just loved).

    Later, as a teen, a bunch of us guys would go see classics like “Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders”. Yeah, a bunch of pimply, horny teenage guys who couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to a girl if their lives depended on it.

    Good Times.

  2. Yo, San Diego has drive-inssee, Santee and Imperial Beach).

  3. Ah, I stand corrected – it’s the last remaining drive-in theater in Los Angeles. My bad.

  4. Although not really “Southern California” more Central Coast, San Luis Obispo still has a drive in theater.

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