Least Credible Apology Ever

July 16, 2007

In a follow up to a story that I didn’t even notice at the time, the chairman of the Roger Williams University in Providence has had to step down after accidentally using the word “nigger” during a meeting about the difficulty of finding appropriate African American candidates to work on the University board.  Leaving aside the irony of a man using a racial slur to describe a group of people he was having trouble getting to work with him, his apology is a spectacular gem of comedic baldfacedness. 

The ex-chairman, 80 year old Ralph Papitto, claims to have never used the term before in his life.  In fact, he was only recently introduced to the phrase, apparently, saying “The first time I heard it was on television and then rap music or something.”  Kudos to you, Ralph Papitto.  If the jonsonblog handed out awards for best racism, you would win all of 2007, and we’re only in July.  It’s 100% believeable that you never heard the word before, that you don’t secretly refer to all blacks by that word, and that you’re a totally colorblind, judge men on the content of their character type of guy.



  1. When the heck did this happen?? I only left the room during the local news (Rhode Islander here btw) once…

    Oy vey.

  2. How in the hell do you tap that out of the park “by accident”? Oh, wait…maybe he was heckled?

  3. LOL NIAC. I like that you skip over the Don Imus reference and go straight back to the Michael Richards reference. Nice work. By the way, in case the article isn’t clear, Papitto is bemoaning the lack of African American candidates – while they won’t say exactly what phrase he used, I like to think it was something like “I just don’t understand it, why don’t these N*****s want to work here?” or something equally hilarious.

  4. HA HA! Imus is somewhat in a different league…he is old, senile, comes from a different time, lives in his own world.

    Oh, wait…yes, just like Don Imus!

    It was just proven that the Premier of Ontario (read ‘Governor’) in an inquiry over the unprovoked shooting and death of a First Nation’s protestor actually said to the OPP (read ‘State Troopers’), “I want the fucking Indians out of the park”.

  5. “My deepest apologies to all the colored folk that I offended. I have never used that n-word intentionally. It just slipped out. We always refer to them at my house as jigaboos, so I don’t know where this n-word business came from”

  6. “I apologized for that,” Ralph Papitto said in an interview on WPRO-AM. “What else can I do? Kill myself?”


  7. Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo

    Ah wuz born in 1927. We didn’t uuze language lahk that back then. We wuz szivilaaaahzd. Ah only lurnd it frum theez rappin niggahs. Naht mah fahhlt.

  8. LOL…Nate lost his mind!


  9. I can somewhat empathize with this guy. I just found out the other day Oriental isn’t a PC term. When did that happen?

  10. Think it was back in ’87, jk. But don’t despair, as you can still use it for rugs, just like you can still use niggardly about niggardly stuff.

  11. What about “Nig*** Rigged”? I guess that term is not acceptable though.

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