links for 2007-07-22

July 22, 2007


  1. What the hell? How is that possible?

    (Remember – I live in a place where it snows/gets cold.)

    (No…not the entire year)

  2. Whatsit about you and deer lately? I almost clicked on the deer anus removing tool link, but then remembered that I can’t unclick.

  3. It’s pure coincidence. I just posts ’em as I runs across ’em. as for this picture, I have no idea how this happened. The deer reminds me of Jack Nicholson from the end of The Shining.

  4. LOL…Deer? Jonson?

    You don’t happen to play the banjo, do ya?

  5. That reminds me of some sort of twisted Francis Bacon painting. But more twisted.

  6. Would it be so hard to warn us…”Ooooh! really fucking gross picture if you click”? (I’m sure I’d still click, but being warned is helpful.)

  7. Wow. That’s pretty damn neat.

  8. Nathan – the link does say “gruesome, half eaten by scavengers.” I’m not sure if you were expecting a stylized Hello Kitty version of scavenged deer corpse, but unfortunately this picture is the only one I have.

  9. Ahh…but you did not say, “don’t look”.

  10. I repeat: Blog postings about Deer Corpse & Anus Removal Average 10 Comments,

    Business & political blog posts “0” Comments.

    Awesome, my kind of folks!

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