Nerd Trifecta

July 23, 2007

I got the final Harry Potter book Friday night (don’t worry, no spoilers ahead) and blew through it over the weekend, but I had a head start.  Since Thursday, I’d been reading a pirated PDF that some devoted lunatic made by transcribing all the words from a pre-release physical copy & uploading it to the internet.   

Thank God for devoted lunatics, the internet would lose about 50% or more of its value without them (wikipedia, lyrics databases, IMDB, amazon reviews, yelp.com, much, much more).  By the time I bought a copy, I was already on page 200, reading the words in tiny, tiny print on my iphone every time I got a minute here or there.

So I’m talking to my boss on Friday and I’m describing how I have a copy of the book and we have the following exchange:

Boss: Wait a second… you’re reading a stolen copy of the children’s book Harry Potter on your iPhone?

Me: (gesturing with hands crossing in upward paths) yeah, it’s like a convergence of nerdism.

Boss: Your air chart is trending in the wrong direction.



  1. WHere is that link to the pirated PDF??

  2. “Your air chart is trending in the wrong direction.”


  3. Did you email it to yourself in chunks? It was taking forEVER to open when I sent it to myself as a whole. Gosh that is TINY print! And I’m worried it’s not even the real book now. Can’t wait to get my hands on a real book – but I’m at a conference until late Saturday night. Dangit.

  4. The PDF is actually only 1.5MB, it’s just the copy, not the whole photos of every page. Text only, in a PDF, 800 pages is not that large.

    Regardless, I totally recommend getting the full book now that it’s out; I only grabbed the pre-release copy because it was available early and I was extremely curious.

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