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My apologies to Jonathan Rouse of Loughborough University

July 26, 2007

So, a little under a year ago I wrote this entry lamenting the fact that if you typed “Jonathan Rouse” into Google (with or without quotes) I was the second place result, behind some guy with my same named who worked for the aforementioned university. 

Well, thanks to the vast left wing conspiracy, since right around that time I’ve been the number one result on Google for searches for Jonathan Rouse, again with or without quotes.  More importantly, that specific entry with its argumentative headline (“Screw you!”) has been the number one result.  Which means anyone coming here via Google lands on that outdated & needlessly agressive entry first.  So, sorry about that, Jonathan Rouse of Loughborough University. I guess you’re not such a bad guy. 

In case, btw, you’re an old friend and you found this page by searching for Jonathan Rouse, and you want to know which Jonathan Rouse this is, it’s:

1) The one in his mid 30’s who works in marketing in the Los Angeles area

2) The one who used to live in Arlington in the mid 1990s

3) The one who spent some time in Oxford, UK in the late 1970s & early 1980s

4) The one who went to Paul Revere Junior High, University High School & UC Irvine

I write this because recently a college roommate I hadn’t spoken to in a decade found the blog and dropped me a note, and it was really cool.  Andre Torrez used to maintain a “people I’m looking for” page on his highly trafficked blog so that if they Googled their names they’d find his page and thus find him, but I’m not looking for anyone, I just think it’s neat when old acquaintances show up.


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