Exciting Zombie-Related News

July 30, 2007

World War Z, Time Magazine’s pick for greatest book of the millenium* is being made into a movie.  Now, astute Jonsonblog readers will remember the frenzy of excitement & trailer boners that occured the last time I found out that one of the great works in the history of western literature was being adapted for the screen, and the fury & rending of garments that occured when that movie turned out to be Shooter, with Mark Wahlberg.  But this time, it’s TOTALLY going to be different.

I’m like Charlie Brown & Hollywood is like Lucy, with movie adapatations of my favorite written materials being the football in this increasingly strained metaphor.  You’d think I’d learn, and in a way, a part of me has.  I mean, I did say a decade or more ago, “man, if they ever make a movie of Spider Man & it features Venom, I would run over a busload of nuns to go see that movie,” and yet by the time they DID make that movie, and it sucked,  I was guarded enough to avoid seeing it in theaters, preferring to steal it & complain bitterly to my iphone as I watched it alone in my room.  I like to think I’ve really grown up over the years.

But here I go again.  The next 18 months will feature movie versions of Stardust, World War Z & The Watchmen, and I can totally see all of them sucking before a frame of footage has been shot for any of them.  On the plus side, I saw the early trailer for Iron Man, and it looks pretty bad ass.  I think the Robert Downey Jr casting may pay off overall.

P.S., bonus note to the super nerds out there: the guy adopting WWZ to the big screen is the dude who created Babylon 5, a show so nerdy that even I never watched it. But that’s got to be a good sign, right?  Why would a heralded nerd with a cult following (like a Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams) come in & fuck up something like the greatest work of zombie literature ever written?

*In a perfect world this would be true and not just more of my lies.


  1. I do like the Peanuts analogy, cuz I can totally see you as Charlie Brown, especially after rumors of your close shave.

    I am with you on the Hollywood Fing up certain adaptations. The first couple Thomas Harris adaptations were pretty good, but have since gone flying off the rails, but then again maybe his books have too.

    I thought JJ Abrams did a masterful job with the 3rd installment of MI I hate to admit.

    YOu wouldn’t want to loan me your copy of World War Z would you? What is the watchmen?

  2. Damn IT! Iron Man trailer already taken down. WTF?

  3. Hah! That Iron Man trailer was bootlegged by an audience member at Comic-Con. Why does Paramount show trailers at Comic-Con? To reach hyper-enthusiastic fans months in advance, to build buzz. But what happens if one of those fans happens to post the content on YouTube, and buzz gets sucessfully built? Paramount freaks out, has its lawyers call YouTube & successfully shut down any goodwill or advanced hype generating that might have occurred outside the walls of Comic-Con. Idiots.

    As for World War Z, I’ll ship it to you, as soon as Nate (Patrick’s cousin, not NYC Nathan who posts on these comments occasionally) is done reading it.

  4. JK – it’s 10 bucks on amazon (plus $3 shipping). I know you’re not a stingy guy BUT let’s look at the total cost of sending you the book.

    Jonson remembering = 30 minutes = $100 billable
    JK pestering Jonson to remember = 30 minutes = $100 billable
    Shipping both ways = 8 bucks.
    Total cost of zombie goodness = $208. Plus Nate reads very slowly. Amazon!!

  5. Hah! In direct contrast to Patrick’s snarkery, I have ALREADY put the book in the mail earlier today. It helped that Nate finished it over the weekend and left it on my desk when I got in. Enjoy, JK. Patrick, you, on the other hand, should cough up the $10. Take it from me, or check with your cousin for a second opinion, it’s the feel-good hit of the summer.

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