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Sports Betting Is Hard

August 30, 2007

I love sports & I love betting on stuff, and I really really love betting on sports.  More on that in a moment. 

When I was in high school my friend Barry and I had a running bet where if either of us could guess in one try how much money the other one had on them at that moment, within a dollar, you got to keep the other person’s money.  There were by-laws and fine print and all sorts of sub-rules, such as you couldn’t place the bet in the same day that you SAW the other person’s wallet contents, like at a fast food place or whatever, and you couldn’t try to place the bet more than one time per week.  I seem to remember winning a bunch of times, since high school kids invariably didn’t have large/complex sums of money on them in the 1980s, but I think I only actually lost the money once. After that one time I took to carrying a crumpled five hidden in my back pocket so that if Barry guessed correctly I could spontaneously “find” my missing fiver that would skew the bet and I could hold on to my cash. 

So, you can see that I’m not above cheating to win or at the very least, cheating to avoid losing.  Unfortunately, when it comes to sports betting I’m not sure I can overcome the clear evidence that the universe does not want me to win. I can bet on absolute mortal locks and still wind up losing; in fact, while I don’t believe in a lot of superstitions that other people share, like leprechauns or Jesus*, I’m firmly convinced that I can alter the very laws of nature itself by my sports wagering.  If water being wet was a sport I could bet on it and somehow it would end up dry.

Still, I really love betting on sports.  Last year I had a whole plan about how I was going to find one NFL game a week and put $100 on it, until I finally lost.  I won the first week, in a closer match than I wanted, then I won the 2nd week.  By week three I was planning what I would do with 17 weeks worth of $90 winnings (betting $100 gets you only $90 in winnings – it’s how casinos make money).  I think I was torn between putting it all on the over/under in the superbowl or just setting the money on fire in a pile in the back yard, but it turns out I didn’t have to make that decision since the fucking Carolina Panthers ended up winning by two points instead of three.  Fuck you Carolina Panthers, this isn’t over between us.

So this year I have a new system, which boils down to: bet against the Atlanta Falcons every week no matter what the point spread is.  While their former back up (and now starting) quarterback may be the one white person in America who was in favor of Michael Vick’s dog torturing empire, he’s not much of a quarterback.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the Falcons only signed Joey Harrington because they lost a bet or someone dared them or something.  During the week that the Falcons have off I’m thinking I’ll bet against the Raiders no matter what the point spread is.  I’m not sure what I will do with 17 weeks worth of winnings, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to invest the money into the Little Baby Cupcake’s college fund.  Or possibly put it all on the over/under in the NFC Wild Card Game.  I hear it’s a lock.

*Through years of research I’ve found that nothing bothers devout Christians more than the leprechaun comparison.  I like to tease the Christians, but only becuse they believe in an invisible zombie who doesn’t want them to think dirty thoughts.


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August 20, 2007

Peter’s Friends – The Way You Look Tonight

August 18, 2007

Dr House & two of the professors from Hogwarts sing an incredible version of one of my favorite older songs.


Giada De Laurentiis Loves History, Is Stupid

August 17, 2007

Transcript: The famous lions represent the battle of Trafalgar Square. This was a win for the British in 1805 against the French. Giada loves history, just so you know.

Now, I don’t blame any of you reading this who don’t know that it’s actually called The Battle of Trafalgar, and that it took place in the Ocean, not in a public square, and that square is actually just where the monument to the Battle is located. But that’s because none of you have nationally televised shows, and a staff of people to keep you from saying stupid things, and then capping off your stupidity by touting how much you love history.  Unless of course, one of you reading this is Giada De Laurentiis, in which case, I do blame one of you.

Sorry for the poor quality on the video, I just cam’d it from the TV. Maybe Giada’s not to blame; after all, this IS some other country we’re talking about. It’s not like she claimed she was visiting GettysburgAddress, Pennsylvania, or that our first President’s name was George WashingtonMonument.


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August 16, 2007

The Internet Thinks I Have A Thing For Asians

August 16, 2007

I get a lot of Spam email. A LOT. I’ve had this email address for 10+ years, and in the early days I was a drunken Paris Hilton level of promiscuous with what I signed up for & who got my email address. Turns out that over time, there can be repurcussions. Fortunately, that’s what corporate spam catching software is for. 

But as I was wondering just exactly how much spam I get, I decided to do an experiment. I collected all the spam from last Friday @ 5:00 PM through this Monday @ 8:00 AM. 638 messages in all. And the other night I got bored & divided them up into sub categories to try and better understand what the internet thinks about me.  Click the image on the right for a detail view.

As one might imagine, the majority of the unsolicited email preyed upon the standard human needs/weaknesses. Companionship, money, greed, curiosity. I chose large hierarchies, like Sexual Services, Financial Services, Drugs, Random Product Sales, and the weirdest one, PDF attachments. I guess the spammers think that by hiding the message in the PDF it won’t be caught by the anti-spam software. A) They’re wrong, but more to the point, b) who the hell opens up unsolicited email attachments from strangers with no body copy to clarify? This tactic must be working for someone, because I got 41 of these PDF attachment emails, which is almost as many emails as I got about drugs to keep my penis hard.

Within the top hierarchies, I sub-categorized.

Sometimes the categories weren’t clear; like, I received a bunch of emails in Spanish, but I didn’t bother to figure out what each one was, I just lumped them under “Foreign Language” in the “Random Products” category.

I’ve been thinking about the categorization, and I realize that both the “Products” category and the “Drugs” category are artificially inflated as I put genital related products (pumps, patches) & drugs (Viagra, Cialis) into those categories when they could very well have gone into the “Sex” category.

Among the “Sex” category, miscellaneous non-specific sexual escapades was the number one item being offered, but as far as specific services, Interracial hotties was the number one lure. In specific, the majority of these hotties were Asian.

The least popular sexual service, with only one email over the weekend, was gay porn.

In an amusing side note, a friend of mine whose midlife crisis took the form of leaving his wife & family to be gay once told me that Asian women were the gateway drug of homosexuality; it starts with a love of smaller breasts, slighter curves, eventually you’re just transitioning to young men.  I have no idea if this is true, but I plan on tracking the amount of Gay email spam I receive over time to see if the internet has plans for me.



August 16, 2007

Stephen Hunter (author of the Bob & Earl Swagger novels) just commented on my blog.  And while it might not actually be him, it sure looks like it from the IP address, return email, and a couple other things that only show up on the admin screen.  That is pretty damn awesome.  And yes, I hope I enjoy the book too.


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August 14, 2007