links for 2007-08-01

August 1, 2007


  1. There’s far cheaper ways to make yourself puke.

  2. I would so do that! Have bookmarked for about a year from now – wanna go together?

  3. Umm, maybe they have changed the way this is accomplished, but my understanding is they take you up real high, then basically nose dive straight at the ground, pull out of the dive and then do it again.

    According to the description they do this 15 times.

    So they should call this, “Plane crash without the firey death 15 times!”

  4. Hmmm… I guess I misunderstood this. JK is right, it’s just the “vomit comet” that they used for movies like Apollo 13. I thought it was a special airplane that actually flew up to the edge of our atmosphere & hung out there, letting us float, and possibly letting us absorb unshielded cosmic rays and develop powers like the Fanstastic Four did. I would totally use that stretching power on my penis; it would become like a lemur’s tail, I’d be grabbing new Diet Pepsi’s from the kitchen with it while I surfed the web from the office.

  5. Awesome, my favorite part of your comment is the word “new” in the description of the Diet Pepsi. I see the effect of old Diet Pepsi still haunts you. Do you any documentation that you could post her that supports that story? It is facinating.

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