I pity the fool who don’t have closure

August 3, 2007

When I was 12, my family went camping at a site up near Malibu, and the highlight of the trip was when I ran across the cast of The A-Team shooting some footage on the outskirts of the campground.  Needless to say, I hung out for hours until the shoot was done, and then I worked up the courage to ask each of the cast members for their autograph.  And each one of them, from Hannibal to Face Man to Howling Mad Murdock were kind enough to oblige this little dorky fan even though they’d had a long day’s shoot.  But my favorite cast member was B.A. Barracus, played by Mr. T, the muscle of the group, unafraid of anything other than flying.  And, it would turn out, he was also afraid of signing autographs, since Mr. T had his bodyguards push me out of the way so he could make it to his car unimpeded.

Well, today, some 23 years later, I was having lunch @ a deli near McArthur Park and who should be sitting near me but Mr T.  I thought about asking for a photo of us together, but my inner twelve year old chickened out, so I just asked if it really was him.  The intervening years had drastically altered his opinion of the burdens of being a celebrity, as he graciously shook my hand and thanked me for approaching him.  I wanted to remind him of the camping anecdote, but I thought that he might not remember it as much as I do, since it was probably a bigger deal for me than him.  Oh well, at the very least I can finally scratch “Find Mr. T – Exact Vengeance” off my life’s to do list.



  1. I think Mr. T has really mellowed out as of late and seems like a nice guy. The story from your youth does sadden me though, but the 80s were a confusing and scary time.

  2. Weird, Mr T and I were friends when he was shooting the A-Team. ANd he always used to tell this story about how he had ignored the request of this nerdy kid to sign an autograph. And it haunted him for years. He said that if he ever saw that kid again, he would give him an autograph as well as his necklace collection. – Oh well, it probably wasn’t you.

  3. You’re telling me. This one time Emmanuel Lewis punched me in the nuts.

  4. I hate to impede your healing process honey but The A Team was filming at my elementary school’s church and I swear kids came back with Mr. T’s autograph – it was a long time ago so I could be wrong.

  5. This SUCKS. Did everyone in America get Mr T’s autograph except for me? WTF, T?

  6. I never got Mr. T’s autograph, but when I was in Third Grade, Lorne Greene came to my school to tell us to all pester out parents into voting for Hubert Humphrey for President. Then they handed out mimeographed autographs.

    What a lame visit.

    Oh, and I sat next to the actor who played Lincoln on the Mod Squad at a bar in Century City once. He looked me in the eye and said “I don’t sign autographs”. I didn’t recognize him til he said that.

  7. I was thinking, if Mr. T, David Hasselhoff, and Tom Selleck when down in that Magnum PI tri-colored helicopter, Don McLean would have had to write another long-ass song about it. Backed by Cyndi Lauper, of course. I pity the fool, indeed…

  8. Missus~
    So the kids with the autographs all went to church. Huh.

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