The Official Beverage Of Your Nightmares

August 4, 2007

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who love Budweiser, but wish that it tasted more like fishy-tomato hybrid, then today is your lucky day.  Thanks to what I can only assume is a practical joke that got way out of hand, Anhauser-Busch is now target marketing Chelada, a drink that is basically one part Budweiser, one part Clamato, the tomato/clam juice drink for people who find V8 to be “not clammy enough.”

The truth of the matter is, Chelada is marketed towards the Hispanic audience (hence the name), and it grows out of an unofficial homebrew called Cerveza Roja, which was made by people buying Budweiser & pouring Clamato into it.  Never one to miss a dollar, Anhauser stepped up to the plate and delivered this horrific stew of unlikely co-flavors.

And here, once again, I come to the problem of being married to the least Hispanic woman in America.  Being as my missus’ fairly recent heritage is from South of the border, you would think she’d be the ideal go-to for questions like “why do Mexicans enjoy fish & tomato flavors in their beer?” But the last time I tried asking her questions about her people, she just stared at me with daggers in her freedom loving, 100% born here in America ‘I’m as much a native as you are’ eyes.  Thank God the OC Weekly (an online city paper) has an “Ask a Mexican” column – it was invented for times like this.



  1. Disgusting. Clams have no business being in a beverage. Now, Miller Chill…THAT is a different story. Good Stuff and clam free! I like a good clam now and then 🙂

  2. Maybe The Missus is really a Guatemalan? That would explain the communication difficulty.

    And speaking as an American of Norse and Irish descent, I genuinely like V8 in beer, but I’ll skip the clams, thanks.

  3. Is the V8 thing in any way related to the heritage? Like, do other Irish Vikings like tomato beer? If not, what crazy laboratory accident led to you discovering that V8 & beer were to your liking? Did you just combine everything in your fridge with beer one day?

    Dear Diary – Day 17, the search continues.
    Worcester Sauce: No
    Baking Soda: No
    Grey Poupon: Classy, but No
    V8: EUREKA!!!

  4. So in my past life as a bartender up in Canada-land this was a pretty common combination. Usually Coors Light + Clamato. If I remember correctly it was the go-to elixir for hang-overs or to just generally settle your stomach. Often someone start off a night of drinking with this as a sort of base for a heavy night of drinking. So I think there would be a market for this in Canada, but perhaps just a can or 2 should be packed in the case with regular non-clammy beer.

  5. Yet another hangover cure that is questionably preferrable to the hangover itself…

  6. My father, 60 years old, French-Irish Canuck, would probably like that. He definitely does beer & tomato juice, and has likely used V8.

    I want to hurl just thinking about it. Eww.

  7. I’m with Josh- beer and clamato is a pretty standard hangover helper in the Great White North.

  8. Leave it to the Canucks to chime in with Hang Over remedies.

    In Texas, we have been enjoying this combination for years also. Maybe the Mexican influence. I believe it is refered to as a bull shot. I maybe wrong.

    You wanna talk about a clammy. There is a common shot near the texas coast, Shot a vodka, with an oyster in it and a splash of bloody Mary mix.

    You are supposed to shoot it. I nearly spewed it!

  9. Listen Mr. Strawberry Daiquiri, you need to associate yourself with the working man, the grunt class, the people who sweat when they work.

    I’m not familiar with any of those things either, but I know their beverages. We called it a Red Eye (tomate juice and beer). Morning, good. Afternoon, good. Night, delicious.

  10. Jesus, even the coal-mining states drink this crap? I’m surrounded. Waiter, another Pina Colada, stat!!

  11. Sorry – got distracted. As to your question, no, I don’t think it’s a heritage thing. I think it’s a college thing. Bloody Marys always were good the day after, but two of them and I couldn’t go to class. Beer + V8 = Breakfast of Champions! Many a class was visited due to this miraculous elixer.

    Dear Diary – Day 17, the search continues.
    Worcester Sauce: still hungover, but yum.
    Baking Soda: No. Ew.
    Grey Poupon: Classy, but no staying power.
    V8: EUREKA!!! And off to Chem.

  12. yo, im drinkn a v8 and beer right now, fisrt time and im enjoying it.

    clamato juice has clams in it? makes sense.. i never liked it.

    v8 rules. and clams are good.. but please dont mix them. and lol @ jonson .. haha

  13. Thanks for some of your ideas . I love v8 and bear , clamato is good also . Add a dash of hot sauce , worcester , maybe lime juice . I’ve tried different combinations .I’d like to hear other combination suggetions . I’ll have to try oyster shooters .

  14. A lot of amatuers on this page. Beer and V8 is the breakfast drink of champions.

    Just be warned, have 3 or 4, then switch to normal beer. My buddy and I went on a red beer drinking binge one day, drank a shitload of them. Felt like shit the next day, and after doing some calculations off the V8 bottle, realized we had consumed nearly 3 weeks of the RDA of sodium. Ooops!

  15. […] "Cerveza Roja" which was a mix of Clamato and Budweiser that inspired Budweiser Chelada.https://jonson.wordpress.com/2007…Insert a dynamic date hereCannot add comment at this time.  Liz Pullen, […]

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