A great disturbance in the Force

August 10, 2007

For the past week, this casual game has been occupying the spare cycles of me & a few friends.  The goal is deceptively simple. Fire a ball into the arena.  It will swell up until it touches a wall, or another ball.  Then, using more shots, try & destroy the ball.  It takes three hits to remove a ball completely.  You lose immediately if one of your shots ricochets back beyond the firing line.  For a while now I could rest easy knowing that the high score in my peer group was owned by me, but today a onetime friend & now fierce adversary has usurped the throne.  My 30 points pales to his 34.  I know what you’re all thinking: who would do such a thing?  Why did I not sense his potential for betrayal earlier?  I should have cut off his mousing finger when I had the chance.

But I’m not here to dwell on his wicked misdeeds, but rather to tell you an even deeper tragedy.  Earlier today I was all set to restore honor & dignity to the Jonson name by reclaiming the lead when a tragic misfire occurred.  The ball immediately ricocheted back & I was undone. This game is such a cruel task mistress, I’m not sure any of you who haven’t fallen prey to its wiles can truly understand.  Let me just say this: until today, I had always thought that if I was ever granted one-time access to a time machine I would go back and warn the passengers on the Titantic not to board, or perhaps try & shoot Hitler before he came to power.  But now I know the truth.  When I get my hands on a time machine, I’m going back to earlier today, right before I clicked the mouse button on that fateful shot.  Sorry, Jews.  I’ll make it up to you!



  1. OK. I bit. I now hate that fucking game. I fucking hate you for fucking introducing me to that fucking game. You fucking fuck, you.


    I now return to being a congenial guest.

  2. Was that a bit harsh?


    I’ll never speak to you that way again.

    (Unless you introduce me to another pointless, completely addictive game.)

    BTW, what time zone is your blog set in? Somewhere in Greenland?

  3. Hmm, well you could always go for the “dragon bonus” and regain your throne!

    Wait, you already revealed your cheating ways.

  4. I wish I COULD use the Dragon Bonus. This game could definitely stand to have one.

    Nathan – I’m totally baffled by the time zone thing. I’ll check in the settings, but I think WordPress assumes I’m blogging from Eastern Europe somewhere.

  5. No question that you and Tom share DNA, but, at the very least, we have Emma and Laura to prove that it is good DNA all-in-all.

  6. That timezone thing should be fixed now, I believe.

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