Newcastle: Finally Good For More Than Just Coal

August 12, 2007

On a recent trip to Galco’s, the Highland Park soda wonderland (like six thousand different kinds of rare imports & domestic micro-brewed hard to find sodas), I was talked into buying a British drink called Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola, and it was 9 kinds of awesome.  If 1) Highland Park wasn’t so far away, and 2) the soda wasn’t like $3 a bottle, I would totally drink this instead of my constant influx of Diet Pepsi.  The secret, claim the folks at Fentiman’s in Newcastle is that they actually brew all their drinks, for like 10 days.  Whatever the trick is, allow me to say “Owdy, Guvn’a!” to you good people of Fentimans.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, it just happens to be the only British expression I know.



  1. “Owdy, Guvn’a!” is the only British expression you know? You spent several years during your youth in Oxford and you can only come up with half of an expression, seeing as the ‘owdy part is clearly American. No, no. You’re better than that, so let’s try that one again.


  2. See now, it’s BECAUSE of my five years in Blightey that I can tell you the “‘Owdy” part of my phrase is very much British, just lower class cockney British. That’s why it’s lacking the “h” at the start of it. Blimey, on the other hand might work as well, but I’m not sure it’s any more of a compliment to the good folks at Fentimans.

  3. Avast ye mateys!

    Arrrrr! Over the rail wif ye, ye scurvy dog.

    Ye’ll have te parlay wi’ tech support.

    Oops. Sorry. That’s Pirate, not British.

    Never mind.

  4. They say ‘howdy?’ Wow. Well, I guess we had to get it from somewhere.

    Bangers ‘n’ mash!

  5. Bloody Hell?

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