August 16, 2007

Stephen Hunter (author of the Bob & Earl Swagger novels) just commented on my blog.  And while it might not actually be him, it sure looks like it from the IP address, return email, and a couple other things that only show up on the admin screen.  That is pretty damn awesome.  And yes, I hope I enjoy the book too.



  1. You are at the center of a series of terribly wonderful comments you barely understand but vow to avenge.

  2. That’s better than the time Mrs. Fields sent me a coupon for a free cookie after I complained that her white chocolate chip cookies are not available without macadamia nuts.

  3. I wondered why no else noticed that! I was commenting on it that post. HE easily could have a google alert set up. I really hope Stephen Hunter sees my request to name a character after me in his next book.

  4. Chuck,

    My vibrating shaving razor broke before the battery went dead. I complained to Gillette and they sent me a new razor and a envelope to return the broken one for product amalysis.

  5. Totally awesome. I have comment envy. Do you think there’s a snowball’s chance of Matt Groening commenting on my last post? No? I didn’t think so. My hat’s off to you Jonathan.

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