For Sale: One Sign, Slightly Used

September 1, 2007

This place is at the corner of Century Blvd & Vermont, in the Northernmost part of South Central LA. It’s not a business anymore, and I’m not sure how long ago it stopped being one, but I think the answer is “very.”

Like most of the businesses in this area, it’s actually just a house, albeit one with completely boarded up windows & a rolling iron gate across the front door. As I walked up to take the photo, the gate suddenly rolled back and a forty-something black guy asked gruffly what I wanted. I said I was just there to take a picture of the old sign and he asked immediately if I wanted to buy the sign. I politely said I didn’t think I had enough money to buy it, he lost interest & rolled the iron gate back shut on his abandoned looking former Ice Cream Palor.

I’m not really sure how I would have gotten the sign back to my house if I had bought it, or if the homeless looking guy who offered to sell it to me really had the right to do so, for that matter.  But I like that the spirit of capitalism lives on even in this building that hasn’t been a business for several years.



  1. How long has this sign been up? I guess they didn’t have “Spell Check” in those days.

  2. You’d be surprised, when I googled around for information about the business there’s a ton of results of “ice cream palor.” I think some of it’s typos, but a lot of people must just think that’s what the word is.

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