T-Minus One Day: The Great Experiment Begins

September 2, 2007

As part of our agreement with Nanny Butterfingers, for every 51 weeks she goes without dropping the baby, she gets one week of paid vacation.  And this next week is it.  She’s heading off to a partial family reunion (made up of the part of the family that snuck into America), and the missus & I are in charge of raising our own daughter the way people used to before Nannys were invented.  I’m not entirely sure we’re up to the task, although I’m sure the missus feels otherwise.  The problem won’t be taking care of the cupcake, as she’s pretty delightful to spend time with – it’s more that we’ve gotten INCREDIBLY soft when it comes to all the tiny things that Nanny Butterfingers used to do around the place every day, like take out the trash, run a brisk laundry, fold & put away clothes, clean the dishes daily, etc.  My worry is this: by Sunday night of a standard weekend, we’re barely holding it together.  The house is in disarray, the dishwasher & trash cans full, etc.  I’m not sure how we used to cope before we hired a 3rd adult to help us accomplish what two adults used to be able to do on their own, but I know that we have grown far too accustomed to it, and as such our coping muscles have atrophied like the limbs of astronauts left too long aboard the international space station.  This is a make or break week for us moving forward; we will either rediscover our ability to manage our own lives, or collapse into a pile of ourselves by Wednesday, gazing around helplessly along with the toddler & the pugs, waiting until someone comes along to fix things for us. 


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  1. How are things going?

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