God Bless The Internet

September 4, 2007

In addition to allowing me to wager on sports, the internet keeps putting me in touch with my favorite authors. Roger Bradfield is one of the icons of mid-century advertising, having worked on the design for the Trix rabbit & Mr Bubble, among others, but it’s through his work as a children’s author that I first heard of him. The Flying Hockey Stick was a favorite of mine, and my brothers before me, and now it’s a favorite of the LBC. I read it to her at least two or three times a day, at her insistence, and when I’m not around, she grabs it off the shelf and reads it to herself.

Note the growling for the lions, as well as the “eat!” exclamation. Also note that she has the main character say bye to his mommy. She’s really capturing the key details. So, I found Roger Bradfield’s website, and he’s still alive (having just turned 83). I took the opportunity to write him & thank him for the many hours of enjoyment I got first as a young child reading his books, and now as a parent sharing them with my own daughter, and he wrote back telling me I had made his day & that he was delighted that I wrote him, which put a huge smile on my face. It was like the 9 billionth time I paused to reflect on ways in which the internet has made stuff possible that just wouldn’t have happened when I was a kid.

P.S. unlike with the sports wagering, the missus was consulted & approval was granted for this rare video appearance of the LBC. Don’t get too used to it, legend has it if she sees her shadow online it’s six more weeks of winter.



  1. Impossibly adorable! Guess who’s going bookshopping later? Can you believe I’d never heard of that book before?

  2. dude. kinda spooks me out. reading an entry that is all happy and stuff. where is the beloved cynicism? have you gone stepford on me? please tell me you at least have th e new kanye pirate album and that not everything has gone topsy turvy on the WC since my departure. big hearts from NY!

  3. I am shocked & appalled to be accused of cynicism! Perhaps mademoiselle is thinking of another blog??? Like perhaps for example the ficticious one you threatened to start about moving to NYC from Northern California?

    And Mr Kinsley, it’s no surprise you’ve not heard of them, I think they went out of print in the mid 1960s (the copy that the LBC is reading is printed in 1966, belonged to my older brother first, then to me when I came along later). I think a few of his books (including The Flying Hockey Stick) came back into print a couple of years ago, I noticed ’em on Amazon when I was digging around for info on the author.

  4. One of my favorite things about the internet (o.k., well after porn) has been the ease of talking to authors I like. I’ve had a few really cool conversations when I expected, at best, to get a “Thanks for writing” note, or, at worst, a “who gives a fuck what you think, you peon” note.

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