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The Day I Walked Into Mexico For Some Tacos

September 8, 2007

Patrick & I wanted to go on another roadtrip, but we couldn’t think of anywhere new to go, so we went back and visited the Salton Sea again, this time on the Western shoreline.  It was much more organized & civilized than the wild Eastern shores, although the place smelled much much worse than the previous trip.  Worst of all, some developer was building homes like crazy just North of Salton City, which made me think of young families just starting out in life, with kids or kids on the way soon, all mortgaging their futures to buy homes next to the Salton Sea, which is a depressing thought.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, the temperature was nearly 110 degrees, and we were hungry so we ended up just taking the shoreline south, and when the Salton Sea stopped we didn’t.  We arrived in Calexico (the border town, not the indie band) in time for a late lunch, and we wandered on foot into Mexico (Calexico’s sister city, a town called Mexicali) & got some tacos for lunch.  When we were done we stood in line for the great Northern exodus & drove home.  As always, there were many pictures taken, and annotations provided.