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Sports Betting Is Hard (part 3)

September 9, 2007

Sigh… CURSE YOU HOUSTON TEXANS.  And with that, my 2007 NFL online gambling experiment comes to an end.  The money ended up being a wash, despite the fact that I bet $55 to win $50, and only won the first of my two bets, because the online casino bonuses new accounts, so the $5 discrepancy between the amount won vs the amount lost is covered by the bonus.  So I took my $100 and went back to betting random people around the office carnival style wagers like “knock over the empty soda can & win CASH PRIZES,” which is far more lucrative for me. The highlight of the short-lived online gambling experiment for this year was the lengths online casinos have gone to in order to circumvent the anti-online gaming laws passed by the US Government.  The one company I ended up placing the money with used a middle-man who essentially was a “sports stock photography dealer” called “” that created an account in my name with $100 of value (after charging my credit card) that I could use to purchase sporting images like pictures of the baseball players or whatever.  It was, of course, a front.  I don’t know if they even actually sold the photos, but what they DID do is create a proxy account with the sports book & tied the value of my account at the sports photo place to the sportsbook.  Crazy. Oh, and when I cleared out the account at the sportsbook, they refund my $100 by either crediting back my credit card (if possible) or by cutting a cashier’s check and physically mailing it to me.  Damn U.S. Government, making it harder for me to make foolish wagers.  I don’t know who I hate more, the U.S. Government or the Houston Texans.  No wait, I do.  It’s the Houston Texans.