What Not To Pour Up Your Nose

September 16, 2007

When I was in fifth grade, I had a cold & my sinuses were all stuffed up.  My parents had some nasal spray medicine & I got it & tried using it, but I think my nostrils were all blocked or whatever, and so it was not effective.  I decided that it would be better if I lay on my bed on my back & hung my head over the edge so that my nostrils were facing straight up, and then I inverted the medicine squeezy bottle & squeezed some of the medicine in one nostril.  It was enough.  Apparently the simple addition of gravity turns nasals sprays from “misters” into “streaming hoses of firewater.”  I am amazed I didn’t just start bleeding copiously from my nose.  The liquid jetted into my skull & mapped out my entire sinus cavity; for a moment it was like having a mental blueprint of the inside of my skull. 

So I can only imagine how much this video of Drew from Toothpaste For Dinner pouring whiskey into his nose via a Neti Pot (hippy!) must have hurt.  He starts with salinated water, which is the correct use of the product, and is frankly kooky enough, then progresses to coffee, and finally whiskey, which goes poorly.


  1. There is a moment in that when he’s already done the water and the coffee, and he’s got the thing in his nose all set to go with the whiskey – and he hesitates for just a split second with this look on his face that just says it all. “Oh, man. This is a really bad idea. But since it’s going to be on YouTube I’m going to do it anyway, aren’t I?”

    Also, the music is perfect.

  2. That’s disgusting

  3. [Chuckle.] I wonder if the Missus finds Jonson’s posting (the act of locating, smiling, and posting) or Jonson’s posting (the whiskey cleansing of the nasal cavatiy) to be disgusting. Maybe both?

  4. Let us pray we never find out.

  5. Nettie pots aren’t just for hippies these days. They are a great way to irrigate your sinuses and help prevent infections. Plus, it’s cool to look at yourself in the mirror while salinated water pours out of your nostrils.

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