Kevin Everett is Coming Along Well

September 28, 2007

Greviously injured Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett was initially believed parazlyed for life, but thanks to some amazing doctors is now able to move his arms & legs. This Palm Beach local news fuck up accidentally replaces footage of Everett with footage of a gang banger trying to kick his way out of a courtroom, with hilarious results.  The cop stomping on him is a nice touch.


  1. Oh man. I can see that happening easier than you think. Tape guy in a mad rush to get his tapes organized before they go live, rolls the first few seconds, sees black guy in wheel chair, thinks must be story about paralyzed football player. Bing!

    I’m not saying I experienced anything like that in my days in TV, but lets say we once showed a person being killed by a boat in the fluff section of the news, thinking it was a nice pleasant boating safety news story.

  2. OMG. Almost too good to be true.

  3. no more tapes jk

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