Concert Setlists At Flickr

September 30, 2007

Maybe I’m alone in this, but whenever I go see a band, I wonder what songs they’ll play, hoping it’s the ones I like, etc, and I usually end up Googling around to see if anyone has posted a setlist online.  Recently I realized that the best place to find these setlists is actually on Flickr.  Every concert I’ve been to over the the last few months (five so far, with The Hold Steady at the Wiltern closing things out next month) had a setlist posted on Flickr.  Just search for the name of the band, sort the results by “Most Recent” and you’ll find a fan who took a shot of the printed/hand scribbled setlist on the stage & posted it on their Flickr account.  God Bless a critical mass of users.


  1. I tried that for CHeap Trick. I couldn’t find a set list. But, man those guys rock! THE DREAM POLICE….

  2. The Hold Steady was in Tucson in June. The drummer gave me his drumsticks and I got the playlist. Want to know what was played?

  3. My playlist is a bit different than that one.

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