Things I Learned At The Newsstand

October 7, 2007

There are enough professional bull riders to support a magazine dedicated to them.

The market for magazines targeted at men who want near porn but not actual porn is not satiated by Maxim, Stuff, FHM, etc:

If you are a dude who likes masturbating to photos of men but you can’t bring yourself to buy full-on gay porn, there is a magazine for you:

If you are retired from the high-stakes world of international espionage but would like to keep up on the industry news, there is a magazine for you:

If you are a serious cheerleader or merely a cheerleader enthusiast/pedophile, there is a magazine for you:

Missing from this collection are two of my favorite obscure magazines, “Varmint Hunter Magazine” (click here to see a selection of the funniest cartoons taken from the magazine) and “Women & Guns Magazine,” which is just awesome.  Women & Guns magazine is very similar to American Cheerleader in that the publication serves both the genuinely interested & the skulking masturbator crowd in one edition.  As a proponent of reduced consumption, it’s delightful to me when one print edition can appeal to two audiences so efficiently.



  1. I like how the abs on the Workout guy have been airbrushed (or god forbid, enhanced directly on his torso with makeup) to accentuate the definition of his macho muscles.

  2. this is truly a timely post. Just hours ago, I was introduced to “Teamster Weekly”. Lots of pictures of fat men sleeping in the cabs of tricked out tractor-trailers.

    Life is good.

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