That Is Not Appropriate Workplace Conversation

October 10, 2007

At work we have a break room with some video games in it, which can lead to productive exchanges such as the following:

Me: [9th consecutive videogame based taunt to co-worker]

Co-worker: Man, you’re really asking to choke on a large cock.

Me: I’m not sure I’m asking for that.

CW: Well, it’s what you’re going to get, once I find one.

Me: You’re saying you don’t have a large cock?

CW: Not large enough for what I have in mind.



  1. I’m guessing said co-worker has a subscription to Men’s Workout. And possibly Bull Rider Magazine.

    Also, that would be a rather humorous way for The Rouse Ass-Kicking to take place.

  2. Reminds me of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels:

    “Harry didn’t think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber cock, and proceeded to beat poor old [Jonson] to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe.”

  3. That conversation would have been especially awesome if CW were a woman…

  4. Oh good grief.

  5. Rouse Ass-Kicking? There HAS to be a song in there…

  6. For whatever reason, cam, there aren’t a lot of female co-workers in the videogame room unless they’re coming in to nag us about playing too many videogames.

  7. For a second there I was going to ask you if he’s single… You should submit this cockfoolery to overheardintheoffice.com

  8. What torture has he in mind which won’t work with a large cock, but requires a larger-than-large cock? I guess he could hang out in the condom aisle at Longs, but all those Magnum XXL condoms have so much dust on them I’ll bet he’ll be waiting awhile.

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