The Slanket Has Arrived

October 31, 2007

W00t! Prepare the BaconSalted popcorn & disaster movie festivals, I will be the one on the couch with the warm sleeves.



  1. Wow, I completely misread the title.


  2. THey need a third sleeve approximately a foot or two below the arm sleeves.

  3. jk, did you really have to go there?

    I was lead to believe the Slanket was a gift for me.

  4. Well, even with JK’s suggestion…it still COULD be.

  5. I just realized that the picture is actually on your coffee table of the actual Slanket that you actually bought. Really? I’m looking forward to a full product review… if it ever comes out of the packaging.

  6. I love in the picture that she’s using computerizing via laptop while using the slanket. Nice demographic targeting.

    is it called a slanket cause it’s a blanket with sleeves? That is a terrible name.

    But please do give a full product review.

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