links for 2007-11-07

November 6, 2007


  1. I am uncomfortable with the connection you have made to drop and droop.

    Actually, you’ve an affinity for “gross”…or at least being able to say, “Ya, I watched that video, and I am still here”. I am going to e-mail you a link…but seriously, this is something that cannot be un-seen…so don’t just click-and-watch. Clear the room, make sure you didn’t just eat, and you might want to have “relations” with the missus first, as you might just be a “unavailable” for a few weeks, rocking in the fetal position, in a closet.

    LOL, I hope you read this before you get the e-mail, ’cause that’ll be a bitch!

    Umm…if you have just read this AFTER viewing the link, I am really sorry. Pat seems like he’d like it…forward it to him.

  2. You’re actually a lot closer than you think if you keep posting this kind of stuff.

    also, don’t you dare show me that link.

  3. HEAR YE, HEAR YE: 100 Gold Galleons for Video of the Missus Being Forced to Watch the “Link.”

  4. I mentioned the link to my son…who, without seeing it and only asking simple, general questions about it (which I answered), became green and queasy. He is the type that would carry that scar to his death.

    But then, one Thanksgiving (the October one, not that crazy November one) a “dollop” of turkey fat fell out of the roasting pan an onto the floor with a wet, sticky “splat” while washing up. He threw up for an hour.

    I keep reading The Missus comment…she can’t (I think) do anything about the aforementioned 20 years…she can only divorce him once, so she can’t really make that any ‘closer’. I am guessing that she meant that the three-inch-stretch is something he’ll wake up with if she is ever shown the “Link”.

    I say, go for it. šŸ™‚

  5. I don’t get it – why is seeing a photo of an old man’s nutsack (i’m sure that’s making the hubby giggle that I wrote “nutsack”) funny? What’s the urge to share horrific videos and photos with you boys anyway?

  6. I think it is like some sort of man-test. Yes, at least 50% of men can’t take changing a baby…but to be able to withstand other gross things…it is like a statement of virility.

    Your hubby’s link vs. my link is like two mighty caribou, fighting to see which one is stronger. Or…it could be just that gross is usually funny, until someone loses their lunch. That is when it becomes hilarious.

    You know…watching a video of someone watching the video…that would be even more funny!

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