New Pornographers Fans Are Clever

November 21, 2007

So, the Greatest Canadian Band of All Time (Category: More Than 3 Members*), Vancouver’s New Pornographers recently goofed around on YouTube with their fans, issuing a series of “Challenges,” which the fans could participate in, film themselves & post their responses.  My favorite response so far was this winner of Challenge # 2, “sing a New Pornographers song as though you were Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers.” 

The winner actually pretends that his song “It’s Only Divine Right” was a 1979 single by McDonald, and rewrote it entirely in cheesy 70’s lite-rock style.  It’s quality work and it made me appreciate the original all the more.  Damn clever people, how do they do it, with the talent and the energy & the cleverness.  Anyone who wants to compare with the original, you can hear 30 seconds of it here.

*That’s right, I’m thinking of Rush


One comment

  1. F#$! Talent, energy, cleverness. Where do they find the time? No Job? No wife (obviously)?, No children? when do they watch mindless television and sexy gamble?

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