Beforehand thanks also save you God!

November 27, 2007

This spam email didn’t come to me, but was forwarded by a friend who knows my love of mangled English.  Too many highlights to choose just one, but “we build houses of babies, hospitals?” is pretty damn great:

 Good afternoon. I am a representative of big international chraitable company ” NADEZHDA “. We search for the person in your country for the help to people which in it require: children of the orphan, people patients with a cancer, to invalids, veterans of war. We translate money in hospitals and church, we build houses of babies, hospitals? Houses for aged. I hope our letter will not leave you indifferent and you will respond to our request for the help. Remember a trouble can touch you and your relatives. Beforehand thanks also save you God!
! Ours e-mail:
[ADDRESS REMOVED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY] we Look forward to hearing! Successful day!

Successful day indeed, my friends.


  1. But, it’s from the B.I.C.C. – NADEZHDA -Strangely enough, Google does not return any listings for such an organization. ALthough it does mean “Hope” in Russian. Which must make it legit.

  2. […] this eloquent example of phishing, I was in awe with how much effort was put into creating such a meandering butchery of the English […]

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