Vassar Quidditch Team

November 28, 2007

No comment.



  1. Very bright college students whose parents never taught them about the dangers of running with sticks. I’d like to see the video of them after the “world cup” where they all have eye patches.

    I must say though, they did seem to have a relative amount of perspective on it. They were kind of chuckling about their little cheer at the end and the interviewee seemed to be sort of amused at the whole thing.

    It’s still super lame, though.

  2. There was an urban legend about a kid that was playing basketball in a gym and the janitor had left the broom leaning against the wall.

    Apparently, after attempting a lay-up and crashing into the wall under the basketball goal he impaled himself in the rectum on the broom handle. Quite a mess was made.

    I think an eye patch would be the least serious injury from this sport.

    A minor injury, but most painful to think about would be dick splinters! Or for the ladies….

  3. no comment, JR? No comment at all? That is so unlike you. I know you have something to say about this.

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