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New Pornographers Fans Are Clever

November 21, 2007

So, the Greatest Canadian Band of All Time (Category: More Than 3 Members*), Vancouver’s New Pornographers recently goofed around on YouTube with their fans, issuing a series of “Challenges,” which the fans could participate in, film themselves & post their responses.  My favorite response so far was this winner of Challenge # 2, “sing a New Pornographers song as though you were Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers.” 

The winner actually pretends that his song “It’s Only Divine Right” was a 1979 single by McDonald, and rewrote it entirely in cheesy 70’s lite-rock style.  It’s quality work and it made me appreciate the original all the more.  Damn clever people, how do they do it, with the talent and the energy & the cleverness.  Anyone who wants to compare with the original, you can hear 30 seconds of it here.

*That’s right, I’m thinking of Rush


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November 20, 2007

Marriage Dead Pool

November 20, 2007

Nationally it seems like the divorce rate is still hovering around 50%, but literally NONE of my friends, who are all married and mostly with kids are getting divorced.  Zero.  I never thought about it until today, but that’s a weird statistical anomaly. 

Counting off the top of my head, I can think of 20 couples from work, family, friends, the missus’ work, etc.  And sure, some of those couples have already been through a marriage previously, etc, but in the last 10 years, none of the people I know have gotten a divorce.  I’ve never had to have those”which one of the people in the marriage will I side with” or “I wonder if I can get back the wedding present” thoughts.

This must mean, logically, that somewhere there’s an alternajonson who is like the Grim Reaper for relationships.  EVERY single one of his married friends must be either divorcing, separated, cheating and about to be caught, etc.  Who is this scary fucker, and does he counter balance all of my statistical anomalies or just the divorce rate one?  Because I’m also statistically very unlucky at sports betting, and if this dude got unhappy divorced friends but crazy lucky gambling, I’m not sure I got the better end of the deal.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, friends who read this, I’m glad you’re not divorced.  But at the same time, I really like gambling.


Holy crap, I still have a blog?

November 19, 2007

I’m not sure why, but I seem to have forgotten that I had a blog over the last week or so.  Sorry for the slim updates.  I think everyone who reads this thing either had a baby or is just about to have a baby, so I’m pretty sure you’ve found other things to occupy your time.  If you haven’t had a baby in the last couple of weeks, you totally should.  November babies are awesome, especially famous ones like Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix & Chick Hearn.  Wait, what’s that? MY birthday?  Yes, now that you mention it, my birthday IS coming up.  The 27th, actually.

Back in the early days of the web, there was a site called something like “The world birthday database” and people would voluntarily go there and put in their name, email address & birthday, and occasionally strangers would send you email on your birthday wishing you well. Then, in phase two, benevolent dorks wrote scripts to parse the page & automate a daily birthday greeting to everyone on their birthdays.  Seconds later, advertisers figured out how to harvest the page for contactable data & pretty soon the entire page was gone.

In the 1990s, when I was asked for my email address on questionable warez/mp3 sites,  I would always give my address without hesitation, ’cause after all, I could just delete any spam I received.  Oh, sweet innocent days, how I miss them.


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November 18, 2007

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November 9, 2007

If Only I Could Harness This Power For Evil

November 8, 2007

A couple hours later, and I’m already the #3 result in Google for “Sexy Gambling,” ahead of even, which has got to be very embarassing for the people in charge of their search engine optimization.  Nice try,, but you failed to write enough blog entries about being raped by bears, and that’s why I win.  Advantage, Jonson!