Reaping What You Sow

December 6, 2007

Me: Check out my cool vintage watch, it’s from 1936.

Co-Worker: Wow.  I didn’t realize they made ladies watches in 1936.

Me: [Makes Sad Face]

Co-Worker: That right there? That was me doing my best impression of you.



  1. it’s good to know that you’re mean to a lot of people and not just me.

  2. Please be sure to wear it next time we go out for lunch with my babies. No self-respecting ‘manny’ should be without a retro chick time piece.

  3. Wow – your reflection is witty.

  4. You’re just saying that cause he’s your cousin.

  5. I assume this is why you never responded to my last email… too busy being gay.

  6. I think it’s very telling that you make jokes in uncomfortable situations. Sometimes it is the key to your success.

    – “I have one question, are those mints for everyone?”

  7. BTW,

    Was there a voice to go along with the “best impression”?

  8. No, but he IS an excellent mimic. I think the impression of me was largely just a “thematic” impression, in that it borrowed the standard Rouse theme of making someone else feel bad in the service of a funny joke.

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