Ayudame, es una situation muy peligroso!!!

January 8, 2008


Our new copy room at work was built over the weekend, complete with “DANGER” tape in Spanish for some reason.  Best of all, the tape faced IN, towards the copy room, as though the Spanish speaking entity was being kept in the breakroom.  I suspect it is El Chupacabra, the Devil Cat!  He has been known to Xerox hundreds of copies of his devilish kittybutt and leave them in our inboxes.


When I came in this morning, this was the scene.  I can only assume El Chupacabra grew restless with his confinement in our dark, cavelike breakroom and is now freely roaming the halls of our company.  I hope no one (that I like) gets hurt!



  1. Is there no light in there? That could lead to a rather hilarious mishap where someone trips in the dark and lands face-first on the copier while simultaneously hitting the copy button, thus preserving their expression on an 8.5 x 11 that is suitable for framing.

    Also, it does look like the tape alternates between spanish and english, but I’ll keep that to myself so as not to mess up your jo… oh, never mind.

  2. Jesus Christ – who is getting raped in there first?

  3. Sadly it was me, and yes, el chupacabra was the instigator. It’s not the raping I mind so much, it’s the feel of his raspy little tongue on my taint afterwards.

  4. [crickets making cricket sounds]

  5. Maybe someone should check the copy room.

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