My website is not a midget dating service

January 31, 2008

So, as previously mentioned, the jonsonblog Pageranks pretty high on Google for obsure terms, including midget dating.  A recent comment on an 18 month old post of mine on that very topic has led me to assume that someone looking for a midget dating service found this site via Google & is looking high & low (but mostly low) for a little lady.  Ed of Northern California writes:  “Im a man looking for a little person for fun, Im into most things.Im in seaside CA.”

Oh Ed, I’m glad that you’re into most things, but unfortunately you’ve fallen into the same Google trap that my unsuspecting personalized M&M purchasers fell into.  This site you’re on here makes fun of things, it doesn’t actually sell things.  For a site that sells things, you’ll have to wait for the launch of my personalized little person dating & candy covered chocolate site, “mMms.biz” (the middle M is for “Midget!”).



  1. Ah, now that is the funny. Good to see you back. Quality over quantity, I’m good with that.

  2. I’m doing something wrong. The weirdest search to find my blog so far was “Automatic Bacon Flipper”. Gotta get me some midget-chasers. Those guys are hard core!

  3. You can’t call them Midgets anymore. They’re called Little People now, but those little fuckers are just as funny as ever. Midget humor is every bit as timeless as fat kid humor, it just goes by a new name now.

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