February 4, 2008


  1. Cute. GO ROMNEY!

  2. As soon as I saw there was one comment I KNEW it would be you! I’m still surprised you like Mr. “I was an independent during the Reagan years and I don’t want to return to that time.” Not what I expected.

    As a public service announcement to all those who don’t think they can vote in the CA primary because they are registered undeclared, you CAN request a democrat ballot at your polling place. The GOP decided that they didn’t want independents voting in their primary. Not sure why, but that’s their thing. That and incessantly talking about how conservative they are. Whee.

  3. Why Romney over McCain, Mr. Nelson?

  4. I am of the belief that economically we need a strong president; I believe the leadership in the corporate world, along with running a state, and the Olympics gives him more diversity than a career politician like McCain, who admittedly said the economy was not his biggest strength.

    I like Romney’s opinions on taxes, I believe tax cuts in ANY income level are beneficial to the economy. You don’t help the wage earner by sticking it to the wage payer. I think he was successful in Mass., and like any politician, you get your parties nomination buy playing to your constituency, and during the general election you move to the middle (watch this happen on BOTH sides). I like that Romney wants to eliminate capital gains taxes on families earning less than 200k per year; this allows for investment outside of traditional qualified IRA’s and other pension plans with limitation. Unless we can get people to invest outside of traditional investment vehicles, more and more people will try to rely on Social Security; That’s not happening.

    People have called Romney a flip-flopper just like Kerry; the difference is; changing your mind every 15 years, versus 15 minutes. I’ve changed my views over the years; at one time I was pro-choice, I am proudly now pro-life. At one time I thought minimum wage should go up astronomically, then as I got older, working in the financial industry and educated in the industry as well, I now understand that in a free market society, if wages go up, jobs go down, it’s a supply and demand thing, and companies have the right to earn a profit, and if they no longer do earn a profit, then they cease to exist. Yes, corruption does exist in corporate America, as it does in corporate Europe, corporate Russia, corporate Asia, etc… That needs to be addressed and I believe much of it has been, but it will continue to surface, and it will whether or not the organization leans right or left.

    I believe Romney is actually a conservative, and yest he has made questionable stances in the past. We can all agree that all four major candidates have their skeletons, some in the closet; some out. I don’t trust McCain to meet what my desires are as a conservative. I don’t like what he said in Michigan about the auto industry, and I certainly believe Romney has the background to make that critical state turn around.

    I could go on……..but dear GOD, NOT HILLARY!

  5. The one really heartening thing this go round is that of the final 4 main contenders, they are all competent. (Yes, even Hillary.) I may not agree with all of them on issues (not even Obama), but they don’t have their head quite so far up their ass as the current resident of 1600 Penn. If nothing else that will be a welcome change of pace.

  6. Oh, Hillary is NOT competent. Talk about riding coat tails to the whitehouse.

    GWB will be viewed much differently by history. Everyone wants to jump on Reagans legacy now. Back then? People viewed him with much disdain when he left office.

    How is B. Hussein Obama (or is it Osama) a good candidate? I mean other than fluff and hollywood stars in his corner, what the hell does he offer? Please someone tell me something of substance that this 2 year senator brings to the table! I would consider him if I knew what the fuck makes him a rockstar! I know he is supposed to be the second coming of JFK, but JFK was pro business; Obama has no record of helping the JOB CREATORS!. Pretty speeches, charisma, surely Denzel will play him in the movie, but really, other than putting people in a trance with his eloquence, what is his position on anything. I know he doesn’t like the war; I assume he doesn’t want to kill fellow muslims.

    Just curious.

  7. May I add…I would still rather have him that Hillary.

  8. …and they have the GALL to say all Republicans are racist!

  9. You aren’t actually serious about the insanely stupid muslim thing? Did you start that email?

    For one thing, he’s for a middle-class tax cut. That should be top of your list.
    American Jobs: Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 to provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military.

    One thing that he does have a record of is working with those on the other side of the aisle on legislation – in the senate and in Illinois. Someone who will be a lightning rod for controversy (yeah, I’m looking at you Hillary) won’t be able to get anything done. The tone of the back and forth of these comments (for which I’m partly responsible) is a good indicator of how low we’ve sunk in the post-Lewinsky, talk-radio hyped era. I really feel that above all Obama can bring people together and get us to act like grown-ups again.

  10. Mr. Nelson,

    It’s all right here, but you’ve actually got to read it if you sincerely want to know what he’s all about. Give it a try.


    Oh, and BTW, the guy is a Christian if that really makes so much of a difference to you. But, no, he doesn’t have an fellow Muslims.

  11. Guys, calm down with the facts, I’m sure Mr. Nelson knows how to use Google. You know he only put in the “Hussein” or the “fellow muslims” or the “(or is it OSAMA!)” because he heard some guys doing it on right wing talk radio. The thing is, Dave, smearing someone on their name is a step above calling Koreans “gooks”, or their mixed race children “half breeds”. It’s offensive, and it lowers the dignity of the conversation. If you don’t like a politician, debate the merits of their policy, or lack thereof. I would say this other stuff is beneath you, but I don’t know you that well…

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