How It’s Made – BACON

February 7, 2008

I could have sworn magic was involved.  How else did they make it magically delicious?



  1. MMMMMMM, Bacon. What this baby needs is some BaconSalt!

  2. That’s creepy.

  3. You think that’s creepy, you should see the one called “How It’s Made – BABIES.” I never wanted to have sex again.

  4. As long as that one doesn’t involve raw pork bellies, then I’ll be OK.

  5. MMMMMMM, Babies. What these babies need are some BaconSalt!

  6. Speaking of which, today I watched a bit of Mike “Miracles” Huckabee on MTP.

    Made me think of “How its Made – REPUBLICANS.”

    Combine equal parts homophobia, irrational religious beliefs, not-so-soft racial bigotry, and fiscal irresponsibility (err, how else can you explain the failure to budget for $2 trillion worth of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?). Garnish with mysogeny and serve with a side of elevated threat levels, gross mismanagement of FEMA, and recession-feeding permanent tax breaks for the wealthy.

    (Sorry, Jonson; couldn’t resist.)

  7. I so want to respond to Phoebe right now. But I will be a gentleman.

    (Maybe she can explain why 60% of our national debt is “entitlement spending”, and that is projected to be 70% in 8 years).

    Okay…I’m done…but remember….SHE started it *sticking out my tongue* neener, neener

  8. Jonson, Phoebe has been sent to her room. If you want to turn the comments back on, I will keep her out of daddy’s bourbon and off daddy’s computer. With that said, I can’t stop her from speaking the truth. 🙂 -Chuck

  9. How did Making Bacon turn into a politcal debate again?

  10. Do they recycle the shower water? I need to get me one of those liquid smoke showers. The ladies would dig that right?

  11. I don’t know how it turned political….Ask Phoebe 🙂

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