When Will You Guatemalans Learn?

February 22, 2008

My favorite news story of the year:

Veteran actor Omar Sharif has been ordered to pay $318,000 in damages to a car park attendant he punched in 2005. The Doctor Zhivago star was leaving Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California when he tried to pay Guatemalan valet Juan Anderson for his car in euros. When Anderson pointed out euros aren’t a valid currency in the U.S., Sharif hit him in the head and called him a ‘stupid Mexican.'”

Oh, Zhivago… you had me at “stupid Mexican.”



  1. Just how big IS the Anderson clan in Guatemala?

  2. Anderson is Guatemalan for Corleone.

  3. Ah! Mastro’s. I still remember puking my $350 dollar meal after leaving there due to s stupid “who is faster” race at the UCLA track.

  4. …which you won.

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