links for 2008-02-28

February 27, 2008


  1. Shoot….I was really hoping to find out how to remove the ass of another animal!

  2. Um… hello? I fear you may have tragically fallen victim to the business end of the bung remover. Hopefully not on purpose.

  3. Aydame! I’ve run out of amusing things, and my life is a non-stop littany of drudgery!!!!!

  4. Pfft! You travel all over town on a regular basis to all sorts of crazy restaurants. That’s got to be worth at least one entry a month. Childhood stories are another good fall back. LBC/Pug updates. Ooo, ooo! I know! How about a really good political post?
    [Ducks under table.]

  5. *yawn*….This blog has become incredibly “sleep inducing”, Where’s the new shit?

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