Advantage: Jonson!

March 8, 2008

Once upon a time, Jonathan Rouse of Longborough University was the #1 result for all Jonathan Rouses in Google, primarily due to his wide ranging scholarly publications (I’m not joking) in the field of sewage maintenance.  This fact led me to author the following post: Screw You, Jonathan Rouse of Longborough University.  Later, when I seized my birthright & claimed sole ownership of the crown, I was forced to tone down my rhetoric against the Jonathan Rouse of Longborough via the following post: My apologies to Jonathan Rouse of Longborough University.  But as of today it appears that the Googledamage is irrevocably done, as I noticed this most recent comment on my blog, in the original “Screw You” post:

“So, I was trying to get hols [SIC] of my mate Jon Rouse’s email address who used to work in the sewage and compost dept at Loughborough University but all I could find was this blog.  If you have his email address, can you let me know? Ta.”

So, to be clear here, not only did I overtake my British rival, I effectively wiped any trace of him off the internet.  Les Jeux Sont Faites, Bueller!  Translation: THE GAME IS UP.


One comment

  1. All those poor educated saps looking for sewage info. Ironic that they will find your blog. You know if were a responsible blogger, you’d post the occasional Sewage and Compost article. Just to be a good blog citizen.

    What would be really awesome if you made up fantastic discoveries in the field.


    Jonathan Rouse discovers the secret to clear skin in freak accident during sewage maintenance experiment.

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