March 10, 2008

 “Walk your dog, take the garbage out, get the mail… any problems occur…”  I’m not sure where this guy takes his garbage, but I don’t usually need a submachine gun to live through the chore.



  1. Sweet!

    I’m showing this to my GF and letting her know I’m not taking the garbage out again until she gets me one of those. Can’t be too safe.


  2. How many firearm safety violations can you count in this video?

  3. Hell! YEah! I’ll take two. Make it 3, one for Harrison’s back pack.

  4. “Big enough to put in your back pocket. Fits right in there when you go for your walk. Gets nasty, get down to business.”

    If you’re going to carry a concealed weapon because of the danger of where you live, why not one that you don’t have to unfold to fire? If there’s trouble your only hope is that you accidentally deflect the incoming bullet while unfolding this thing.

  5. Oh, here you are Mr. Kinsley! I’ve noticed that I’ve been awfully lonely in MY blog.

    I really want one of these pocket sized sub-machine guns. You can never be to safe.

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