Do You Want Two CD’s?

March 20, 2008

One of the better “single serving sites” that is sadly no longer around was called “Do You Want Two CD’s” (I forget the exact URL) and when you went there, it asked only if you wanted two CDs.  Yes was the only clickable option, which would load a picture of some dude’s nutsack and the screaming headline “DO YOU WANT TO SEE DEEZ NUTS!!!!”

I mention this only because a heavy set gigantically boobed acquaintance has for the past year or two been wearing super low cut tops, exposing at least 40% of the total surface area of her breasts, and when a friend and I were discussing it, we decided the appropriate response was to walk around with our flies unzipped, and roughly 40% of our scrotums pulled through the barn doors. We termed this ballsack cleavage to be called Bleavage.

I talk a good game, but there’s no way I’m courageous enough to pull this off.  But I can honestly say I’d pay about $100 for good quality video of some guy striking up a conversation with the boobie flaunter while standing there exposing his Bleavage until someone said something about it.*

* Important Jonson Trivia Fact: I can’t STAND awkward situations in TV or Movies.  But I LOVE them in real life.



  1. So you hate every Ben Stiller movie? Good call.

  2. For context, how many people work at Jonson’s Sprockets? Just wondering how long it took the Big Boobies to discover her instant internet fame.

  3. you forget the url which was .. doyouwant2cds.com


  4. bitch]

    • sorry that was someone else i swear

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