Divorce Via YouTube – Exhibit A

March 28, 2008

Dora the Explorer’s best friend is Boots the Monkey. Her nemesis is Swiper, the Sneaky Fox. By the time you finish watching this video I will be living in a box by the L.A. River.



  1. Too adorable. She takes after her mom, about 100%.

  2. That look the Missus gave you is priceless!!!!

  3. Save the tough questions for Barack.

  4. how do I get my own blog around here?

  5. You could call it jonsonbludgeon.

  6. Need I remind you who employs the missus? It appears that I must.

  7. The jonson blog is back!

  8. Oh my! It is so back. I could listen to hours of that goofy voice Jonson uses.

    I think you should talk to clients with that voice.

  9. That wasn’t his normal speaking voice?

    The missus can just use this blog once Jonson is dis-‘membered’, no?

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